Česká a Slovenská etologická společnost/spoločnosť

Czech and Slovak ethological society

Mission statement


The society provides a forum for an exchange of scientific knowledge and views to all its members from various branches of science involved in the study of behaviour. Views from different professional backgrounds can enrich our understanding. The aim of the society is to advance behavioural science in basic and applied ethology, encourage research and other contributions to knowledge relating to behaviour but also to behavioural problems in the farm, companion and free-living animals, and to promote communication of this knowledge.


Bank account for CZK: 2300962948/2010; pro EUR:
IBAN: CZ4720100000002500962950, SWIFT: FIOB CZ PP XXX

Contact e-mail: casetolspol@gmail.com


ISAE 2022 - Animal Behaviour and Beyond

55th congress of the International Society of Applied Ethology (ISAE) is held from 4th to 8th September in Macedonia. The general theme is "Animal Behaviour and Beyond" and main topics are:

- Behaviour and welfare of indigenous breeds and in extensive production systems
- Damaging and abnormal behaviours in animals
- Human – animal interactions and welfare
- Genetics and breeding for improved animal welfare
- Precision Livestock Farming and Measuring behaviour and welfare
- Animal behaviour during on-farm and off-farm management procedures
- Positive animal welfare in the context of improved quality of life


For more information, visit the congress website.

Added 2022-03-12

ECBB 2022 - All of Life is Social

One of the most popular conferences - European Conference on Behavioural Biology (ECBB) - takes place in July 20th-23rd 2022 in Groningen, Netherlands. This year's topic is "All of Life is Social!" and call for abstracts closes in March. Seven keynote speakers have been confirmed:

- David J. Anderson (Theme: Neuronal circuitry of sexual and aggressive behaviour)
- Nicola Clayton (Theme: Comparative cognition)
- Audrey Dussutour (Theme: Behavioural plasticity in slime molds)
- Rose Thorogood (Theme: Social information and Evolution)
- Peter Kappeler (Theme: Evolution of Primate social systems)
- Joel Levine (Theme: Neurogenetics of social Behaviour)
- Franjo Weissing (Theme: Theoretical Biology)


For more information, visit the conference website.

Added 2022-02-23

Register for ICON 2022

International Conference of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON) will take place in Helsinki from 18th to 22nd May 2022. The registration is already open; the deadline for abstract submission is on 28th February. So far, four keynote speakers have been confirmed:

- prof. Flavio Frohlich:The Convergent Neuroscience of Brain Rhythms in Cognition

- prof. Riitta Hari: Timing in human brain function

- prof. Lars Muckli: Imagery and visual illusions in different feed-back layers of V1 (using 7-T fMRI)

- prof. Catherine Tallon-Baudry: Visceral inputs, brain dynamics, and subjective cognition


For more information, visit the conference website.

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Added 2021-12-02

Best student lectures and posters at the 48th conference

Although there were many great lectures and posters at the 48th conference, only a few can win...

Best lectures:

  • Ondřej Fišer: Význam velikosti těla v rozpoznávání predátorů netrénovanými ptáky. panel's first place, audience's first place
  • Petra Eretová: Are parents able to identify dangerous interactions between children and dogs? panel's second place, audience's third place
  • Vojtěch Kasič: Návrat vlka aneb konec kamzíka v Lužických horách? panel's third place, audience's second place

Best posters:

  • Michaela Součková: Rozdíly v grimase obličeje králíka domácího během terapeutické jednotky v závislosti na prostředí s možností úkrytu a bez něj. panel's first place, audience's first place
  • Jana Hlaváčová: Vztah mezi latentní toxoplazmózou a depresivitou u klientů Centra asistované reprodukce. panel's second place
  • Tereza Roubalová: Reakce skupiny papoušků šedých na prezentované hudební stimuly. audience's second place
  • Eliška Kovářová: Schopnost havranů a kavek rozpoznávat lidské obličeje. panel's third place
  • Veronika Rudolfová: Není pavouk jenom převlečený štír? Mezikulturní eye-tracková studie. audience's third place

Congratulations to all the winners!

Added 2021-11-24

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