Česká a Slovenská etologická společnost/spoločnosť

Czech and Slovak ethological society

Mission statement


The society provides a forum for an exchange of scientific knowledge and views to all its members from various branches of science involved in the study of behaviour. Views from different professional backgrounds can enrich our understanding. The aim of the society is to advance behavioural science in basic and applied ethology, encourage research and other contributions to knowledge relating to behaviour but also to behavioural problems in the farm, companion and free-living animals, and to promote communication of this knowledge.


Bank account for CZK: 2300962948/2010; pro EUR:
IBAN: CZ4720100000002500962950, SWIFT: FIOB CZ PP XXX

Contact e-mail: casetolspol@gmail.com


Summer Institute in Human Ethology, Prague, Czech Republic, 5-9 July 2011

ISHE, together with Charles University, will sponsor a 2011 Summer Institute in Human Ethology. Previous ISHE summer institutes were held in Andechs, Germany (2007) and Maine, U.S.A. (2009). ISHE Summer Institutes have been developed to be more student-friendly than most scientific conferences, and include generous financial support for student participants. The 2011 program will include invited speakers, student-oriented workshops, a poster session, and other presentations.

Added 2011-05-01

Research position in Ethology, the Department of Animal- and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

There is a vacant, contemporary research position (100%) in ethology at the Department of Animal- and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences for around 3.5 years starting from 1st of April 2011.
The person hired will participate and have responsibility for experimental work involving both practical and theoretical research tasks on the recently funded EU-proposal KBBE.2010.1.3-03: “Development and integration of animal based welfare indicators in livestock species”. The main activities of the Ph.D. candidate will be associated with WP3: “Prenatal and early-postnatal environment, and animal welfare”, and the aim of the UMB part of WP 3 will be to examine the effects of different prenatal, social environments and social dynamics in flocks of adult goats on the survival, behavioural development and welfare of the offspring in goat kids. Furthermore, the candidate will be responsible for a smaller part of WP4: “Global Research School in Animal Welfare”. Professor Adroaldo J. Zanella is the project coordinator and head of the entire EU-project. Associate professor Inger Lise Andersen is the leader of WP3 and the part of WP3 that is the basis for the present position.

Added 2011-03-01

Postdoctoral Position in Applied Ethology, Division of Animal Welfare and Ethology (Prof. Hanno Würbel), Justus-Liebig-Universit

The Division of Animal Welfare and Ethology, Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences, University of Giessen is looking to fill a postdoctoral position starting April 2011 (or as soon as possible), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel.

Added 2011-02-01

ISAE 2010

Continuing the tradition of joint meetings, the East Central and West Central Europe Regions of the International Society for Applied Ethology invite you to participate in the meeting, which will be held in Kostelec nad Černými lesy (Czech Republic) on June 1.-4. 2011. Main theme of the meeting will be "Maternal behaviour and survival of the offspring". All contributions will be presented in English.

Added 2010-12-01

Twenty Expenses Paid Fellowships to New Zealand to Be Awarded to EU Researchers

FOOD-FRENZ is a co-ordinated collaboration project between the EU and New Zealand with two key objectives:
(1) To strengthen relationships between consumers, knowledge providers and industry in the EU and NZ; and
(2) To develop best practice for delivery and production of safe, sustainable, traceable and high quality food in the EU and NZ. Much more detail about the FOOD-FRENZ project, its aims, objectives and the key themes driving it can be found at the following link: http://www.foodfrenz.com

As part of the FOOD-FRENZ project we will be awarding twenty expenses paid fellowships to New Zealand for EU researchers from industry and research-based organisations. These study visits represent a unique opportunity for researchers to work alongside and build strong collaborative links for future research, with their New Zealand host. The hosts represent all of the New Zealand Crown Research Institutes, some of the countries leading universities in this field, together with one of the leading multinational dairy companies. We invite you to click on the link below to discover more information about the study visits and encourage you to consider this opportunity for both the development of your researchers and also as a means of building strong collaborative links for future research. http://www.foodfrenz.com/act3.htm

The FOOD-FRENZ Partners

Added 2007-07-08

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